About E Innovation

E Innovation UK is a subsidiary of the Norwegian parent company E Innovation AS. The company was incorporated in 2009 in response to concerns by the Operating Companies that the quality of breathing air being used in the North Sea was potentially harmful to operators. A route and branch analysis of the problem did in fact establish that low level carcinogens were being consumed using existing diesel compressors.

E Innovation AS in cooperation with Statoil developed the Breathing Air Compressor, a totally unique electrically driven, constantly monitored ATEX Zone 1 certified breathing air system that provides hospital quality air to operators. The system is the only one which can boast that it has over 2 million operational hours on deployment with negligible downtime. Easy to operate it has become the system of choice for those managers wishing to give their operators total protection whilst breathing air.

Following on from the outstanding success of the Breathing Air Compressor, a totally new concept in delivering Nitrogen for ATEX Zone 1 environments was developed. This system was once again developed in conjunction with a major operator wishing to save deck space and weight on the platform. Hence the Nitrogen system was born. With an incredibly small footprint E Innovation AS has once again taken a problem, reviewed current technologies, and developed a solution that more than meets the need.

E Innovation has an incredible team of engineers and technologists who are well versed in developing state of the art, rugged, reliable engineering solutions that break accepted paradigms. This has resulted in a down hole plugging tool being developed that is once again a totally unique electronic system. The capability to set and reset the tool in a very short timeline has made this technology once again a world beater.

E Innovation has companies in Norway, the UK and Trindad and Tobago with more countries expected to come on line in the near future.



Over the past 5 years many clients have benefitted from using our breathing air system on their projects. A small selection of our clients can be found below:

Shell MSIS
Henderson Decorators Kaefer Statoil
Stork Nexen Transocean
Conoco Phillips Aker Solutions CHC Helicopters